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Moving Light Control – Groups – Lighting Desk Basics 3

The third part of the Lighting Desk Basics series, On Stage Lighting looks at the elements of moving light control. Article 2 – Intelligent Lighting Control, looked at the first steps of controlling moving lights, fixture personalities and patching. Using Groups to control your “heads” is the next step in console programming like the professionals. […]

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Intelligent Lighting Control – Lighting Desk Basics 2

A top end professional intelligent lighting control desk and the moving light section on a cheap lighting control have common features. Understanding these elements, while not teaching you to become a moving light operator, can help a beginner learning any intelligent lighting desk. In the second part of the Lighting Desk …series, On Stage Lighting […]

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Lighting Desk Basics – Beginner’s Guide to a Stage Light Control – 1

The lighting control, “board” or “desk” is the a key part of any stage lighting set up and it is using the lighting desk that an operator is able to control the equipment. This can range from adjusting the “levels” on stage lighting dimmers to controlling complex intelligent lighting systems and media servers. Although there […]

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