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DMX Book Updated + other DMX512 Books

The comprehensive DMX book “Recommended Practice for DMX 512: A guide for users and installers” (phew) by Adam Bennette has been updated. On Stage Lighting looks at the new edition plus some other DMX books.

Updated DMX stuff

On 2nd edition of his book on DMX, the author Adam Bennette is quoted

“Users who only require a simple DMX system, without any of the new features, may still use the original advice in the first edition of this booklet if they wish. However, systems set up in that way may not be upgradeable in the future. “

What’s that all about? Since the original specifications of DMX512 and DMX512-A there has been some development. Remote Device Management (RDM) is a system that allows the lighting user to control things like fixture settings remotely from a console or other device. The control is sent using the existing cores of a DMX cable, but the “hubs” of DMX equipment need to be able to cope with bi directional communication. Many new DMX fixtures, splitters and consoles are compatible with RDM to enable future expansion. So basically, some new stuff that may eventually filter down the stage lighting tree.

If you are keen to find out about the latest DMX practices from this book, you can buy it from PLASA in the UK (following the LSI bookshop link) or USITT in the US. If you aren’t quite ready for that and just want to get the basics, read on.

Are there any other books about DMX?

Modern books on stage lighting cover the basics of DMX stage lighting control. You can read the important stuff in our DMX Stage Lighting… article. There are a few books available that cover lighting control systems and DMX more extensively.

Control Systems for Live Entertainment ( Focal Press) by John Huntingdon

An extensive book with a fairly high brow explanation of control systems, the use of standards plus DMX, AMX, RDM and other protocols. If you are serious control system boffin, this book is for you – if you just need to know which end of a 5 Pin XLR shoots the juice, probably not.Also available in the US at Amazon.com

Practical DMX (ET Press) by Nick Mobsby

This DMX book includes a bit of lighting control history, DMX system equipment and set up plus some information on networks, ethernet and the future. The book is an easily read introduction to DMX for the beginner with enough scope to be of interest to you if you already know a little bit about lighting control systems. 4 stars at Amazon.Also available in the US at Amazon.com

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