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Tutorials and information on ChamSys products including the ChamSys MagicQ lighting control system. MagicQ is a professional level stage lighting controller that is available for a range of budgets starting at the free software, cheap USB DMX dongles, right up to the large and expensive hardware consoles. On Stage Lighting has long advocated ChamSys products for no other reason than we believe that they provide great features and are good value for money at every level. The ChamSys MagicQ features comprehensive control of dimmer and moving light systems plus media server control, pixel mapping and networking. The MagicQ software also comes bundled with a free media server, free lighting visualiser and also the ability to generate stage lighting paperwork straight from the desk.

Access to learning the MagicQ is easy due to the availability of the free software. Skills and concepts learned on the MagicQ are also easily transferred to other pro stage lighting controls such as the MA, Hog, Martin and Avolites desks.

Pixel Mapping Stage Lighting Guide

Pixel Mapping Stage Lighting Guide

Media Servers and Digital Lighting was a quick introduction to “convergence” and the technologies involved in using digital media for stage lighting. Current lighting trends include the use of arrays of fixtures such as RGB LED units to replay images and effects, using Pixel Mapping. This article looks at the basics of pixel mapping and […]

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