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No DJ lighting rig is complete these days without some kind of LED lighting gear. Backdrops, tubes, floodlights or even moving head LED spot lights, this complex gear is getting cheaper and within reach of most DJs and hobbyists.

LED Light Control – DMX Controllers for LED Stage Lighting

LED Light Control – DMX Controllers for LED Stage Lighting

Tweet As LED technology becomes cheap, using LED stage lights is a hot topic in the world of stage lighting. The possibilities of using a low power, high brightness LED light with colour mixing capabilities seems hard to resist but how do you control your LED lights? Stage lighting controllers vary widely in both cost […] [...more]

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Led Moving Light Review – Studio Due NanoLED

Led Moving Light Review – Studio Due NanoLED

Tweet The Studio Due NanoLED (.pdf) was shown as this years PLASA Show 2007 in London amongst a truckload of LED stage lighting fixtures that are coming on to the market. So what’s up with this tiny, manic waggly LED thing? [...more]

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