A Quick Tour of On Stage Lighting

What is On Stage Lighting?

On Stage Lighting is an article site dedicated to stage lighting, lighting design and equipment. Our blog style platform allows readers to add comments and ideas to our articles, creating a wealth of knowledge that is useful to beginners.

Is On Stage Lighting for me?

This site has useful articles and information for:

  • Stage lighting beginners.
  • Bands that do their own lighting.
  • Upcoming techs who wish to get a job in stage lighting.
  • Budding moving light operators.
  • School lighting designers.

Where do I find what I am looking for?

On Stage Lighting publishes articles on a regular basis. The most recent appear on the front page and are filed under categories such as Lighting Design, Stage Lighting Equipment and Learn Stage Lighting.

We have also have a series of related collections such as our Stage Lighting Guides and Intelligent Lighting Control.

If you have a specific query you can use the Search box (top right) – or get in touch. On Stage Lighting is dedicated to helping you.

How I get more Stage Lighting Information?

You can join our updates service for free. Subscribe to the OSL feed, either RSS or by email, and you will get new information as soon as it is published. We don’t disclose your details to anyone else and you can unsubscribe whenever you like.


Better still, how about joining us “backstage” at Learn @ On Stage Lighting?

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