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On Stage Lighting readers love to read interesting and relevant blogs and articles on lighting design and technology.  But the web is a big place and there is lot to choose from when it comes to working out which stuff to give your full attention.  So, we created the Dimmer Buzz RSS feed and email subscription just for you.

Your Stage Lighting

OK, let’s just be clear. This isn’t a guide on techniques to deliberately wind the Sound Dept. up (although that is always fun…). It’s about something else.

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If you’ve been enjoying the RSS feed of the world’s most popular stage lighting blog (er, here, btw), there is something that might have escaped your attention.  So, I wanted to make sure you didn’t miss out.

The Dimmer Buzz feed is a special feature here, alongside our regular feed that is enjoyed by 1000’s of subscribers that get new articles in their RSS readers or via email the minute they are published.

Compared to the main feed, Dimmer Buzz is just starting out but it’s aim is simple:  To editorially hand pick the best quality and most relevant writing from stage lighting related blogs around the world, and syndicate those pieces straight to On Stage Lighting enthusiasts.

Festival Lighting Rig


Because there is a lot of noise in our online lives and it’s easy to miss really great stuff out there unless you subscribe to 100s of RSS feeds AND actually find time to sift through them every day.  Dimmer Buzz also hopes to bring your attention to the lesser known stage lighting writers and sources online and celebrate really good work, so that you can choose to pop over to their blogs or websites.

So, you just republish any old stuff then?

Nope. Getting a piece of work through editorial at Dimmer Buzz is a huge deal.  We only pick stuff that is hyper relevant to OSL readers AND of real originality or interest.  It’s gotta be really worth your time to get included.

I could go on about the really great things that the feed has promoted and found a wider audience, give you examples of articles and our reasons for picking them.  But the quickest and easiest route is for you to just grab the feed, either as either RSS or get it sent to your email and take a look.

Plenty of OSL readers get our latest articles via email. If that’s your bag, fill in the familiar Feedburner form, set and forget until the next cracking piece pings your inbox.

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Do you have a stage lighting related blog?

If you write about lighting, via a blog or online publication and have an RSS feed that you want to share with us, drop a comment in the box below. If you reckon you read a great stage lighting related blog feed that is worthy of having some work included in the Dimmer Buzz feed, do likewise. Then subscribe to Dimmer Buzz.

If not, just grab the feed now!!

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