1-1 Tutoring – Stage Lighting, Media Servers, CAD, QLab, Repair

I have been 1-1 online tutoring and mentoring since 2016, using platforms such as Skype, Zoom and Google Hangouts (Helpouts, remember them?), long before Covid-19 brought these platforms into even wider use. This teaching method has complemented our offer that includes live workshops, asynchronous online courses, and webinars.

In 2020, popularity of these 1-1 tutorials has increased rapidly and so we’ve made more available to meet the demand.

1-1 tutoring has many advantages over ‘off the shelf’ learning or even group learning settings, most notably the targeting of specific learning for the individuals current level AND their intended use case. Learners regularly email learn at onstagelighting dot co dot uk with details of their current learning need and quite often we will make suggestions from both ‘stock’ learning products and offer a 1-1 alternative – where appropriate. This is particularly the case where 1-1 is the most cost effective point from A-B in learning terms for the end user. Examples include:

  • Intermediate or Advanced learners, these 1-1s are very popular with industry professionals.
  • Specific problems to solve or upcoming use cases such as a particular show or technique.
  • The learning has prior knowledge in a related topic and needs to quickly ‘jump across’. This is often moving to new software or extending a technique to a more advanced use.

Mentoring using 1-1 video call and other digital platforms has also become popular, with industry professionals taking up the opportunity for professional development. With both tutoring and mentoring, you are getting direct help in real time from someone with 30 years of professional technical production experience, 10 years of teaching experience, and Master’s level qualifications that include Mentoring and Coaching.

1-1 Tutoring Cost

The cost structure for 1-1 video tutoring is simple. At £40 GBP or 55 $USD per hour, individual sessions are usually an hour or two hours long. Some users book up a single two hour slot, others then book another follow up. The cost of a few sessions are comparable to our stand alone ‘off the shelf’ online courses, but in a wide range of cases are MUCH more efficient. The focus of 1-1 tutoring is often less about ‘certification’ and assessment, and focuses on helping the individual gain the understanding and confidence to tackle specific problems.

1-1 Tutoring Example Topics

These include all of my teaching specialisms, such as:

  • Stage lighting production practice for theatre, events, and concerts.
  • Production lighting and video design.
  • Lighting and video control systems.
  • Lighting programming and playback, with additional specialism in ‘busking’ techniques.
  • Temporary mains power systems, including BS7909 and BS7671.
  • Stage rigging systems and practice, in both theatre and events. LOLER.
  • Service and repair of specialist lighting and rigging equipment including moving lights and hoists such as CM Lodestar.
  • PCB and component level diagnosis and repair, including Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS).
  • Professionalisation in the industry, including business development for freelancers.
  • CAD and 3D modelling/graphics including AutoCAD and Vectorworks Spotlight.
  • Media software for show production, including QLab and Resolume.

1-1 Tutoring Past Clients

Here are a few examples of happy clients that chose 1-1 tutoring as the solution to their particular need:

C, Master Electrician – US

C was making the transition from a long term Master Electrician contract work in a theatre and looking to carve out a freelance career as ME and Lighting Designer in events. C undertook some of our intermediate ‘off the shelf’ learning for specific techniques in events, then chose 1-1 mentoring sessions to develop a strategy to further his career in the events and develop the confidence to take on bigger projects and more responsible roles.

J, Touring Chief LX – UK

As a busy touring Chief LX in theatre, J chose to do a session on BS7909 with a view to making decisions about further formal training and to get the most bang for buck by undertaking self-directed study, with guidance on prior learning to help get the most out of freely available learning content.

M, Film Maker and Video Artist – US

M had an upcoming project that required some playback solutions and had thought that QLab would be a good fit for both the video and the audio needs of the show. M sought to learn QLab from scratch and, after I had identified that M had a lot of related experience, I suggested 1-1 instead of one of our ‘off the shelf’ learning solutions. We worked together to solve specific problems for the show and identify likely best methods for control and sync and collated highly relevant learning materials. During this time, M also learned enough about the QLab software to confidently develop their own learning away from the 1-1 sessions. We even brainstormed a few solutions via email.

G, Events Video Technician – UK

Slightly different angle here. G has decades of experience in the corporate events industry and was looking to come off the road and get into teaching. We did some work on teaching opportunities, recruitment processes, and the value of different qualifications depending on the intended institution. By the end of the session, G had created a strategy and focused on the next stage while avoiding going off down a qualification path that would have been an unnecessary drain on time and money.

Get Started

1-1 video sessions can fit with any time zone, we just need to fix up a suitable slot. Just email learn at onstagelighting dot co dot uk with some details about your current situation and what you are trying to achieve and we can go from there.