Stage Lighting Control Guides

This is an example of some of the content available here at the On Stage Lighting free site.  There is a lot more behind-the-the scenes at including our stage lighting busking course online.

Video Channel

On Stage Lighting has a YouTube channel with a range of video guides and tutorials for beginners. Admittedly, a lot more of our up to date video content is available through our courses.

Lighting Control Basics

On Stage Lighting covers the popular subject of modern intelligent lighting control. Here is a list of articles written to help you learn moving light programming and control.

Using an Intelligent Light Controller

This list of articles focus on key concepts in modern stage lighting control, regardless of the make or model of the controller you are using.  

Cham Sys MagicQ Tutorials

There is a lot of information online these days on using the ChamSys MagicQ.  On Stage Lighting was one of the first to the party when it comes to teaching MagicQ and these tutorials have helped many people to learn the platform.

Advanced Lighting Control

On Stage Lighting has a lot of content on more advanced topics in lighting control. If you are no longer a beginner, these will be for you. This list isn’t everything that is here and relevant, but will give you a good starting point.