DMX Lighting Systems Course

On Stage Lighting runs a short online course on the basics of DMX Stage Lighting Systems.

This Micro Course is delivered online and designed to take the learning from little or no knowledge of DMX systems to be able to design, setup and troubleshoot a DMX system.  Topics include:
  • Key features of DMX
  • How DMX controls a lighting system
  • Core DMX hardware and its practical application
  • DMX system design and practice
  • Professional DMX practices
  • Common problems and fault finding in the field.
  • Practical experience of using the software version of a professional console to control common DMX lighting equipment.
  • Intro to other DMX implementations such as ArtNet, RDM and sACN.
  • BONUS: How DMX is used to control complex equipment such as media servers.
The Micro Course is designed for hobbyists and budding stage lighting professionals who seek knowledge that is of practical use in the field.  The knowledge gained will aid you to better understand what can seem a confusing black art in stage lighting.  It is expected that you will have opportunities to use and develop this either during or soon after the course, in designing and setting up a comparable system.  Learning the basics of a professional grade DMX console uses the free Cham Sys MagicQ software which is available for PC/Mac/Linux.
You will be provided with a Learn @ On Stage Lighting certificate upon successful passing of the final assignment.
Note: The course is for those working with DMX equipment and not designed for electronic enthusiasts or anyone looking to build their own custom DMX devices.

What should I do next?

Email me with your currently training needs at learn @ onstagelighting and I can help you.