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Rob Sayer - Lighting Designer
Rob Sayer HND, PGDip Ed, FHEA has been in stage lighting since an early age. After getting the “techie” bug and getting serious about lighting in youth theatre, Rob worked regularly as theatre casual before starting his formal training at the internationally acclaimed Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. While studying stage management and technical production, Rob continued to work in a theatre environment, where he assumed his career would continue after graduation.

After graduating from BOVTS, Rob accidentally fell into the world of Corporate and Event Lighting working on all kinds of commercial shows both large and small. As a LX engineer and Production Rigger, he enjoyed the challenges, travel and constantly meeting new people in the world of a freelance “lampie”.

Having designed and operated lighting for theatre performances, music festivals and large corporate events for blue chip companies while travelling all over Europe, Rob now lives by the sea in Somerset and finally moved to “proper jobs” as Senior Lecturer in Higher Education and a Company Director.  A Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, Rob also has a Post Graduate Diploma in Higher Education with a particular specialism in mentoring, e-pedagogies, and distance learning, along with appointments as an External Examiner and panel member in programme development.

He is still passionate about the education of the next generation of lighting professional and continues to write for the On Stage Lighting as an alternative to using his professional experience to write a book on stage lighting.  Rob has also written for other publications, including the Association of Lighting Designer’s Focus Magazine and PLSN.

Rob now works as a consultant and runs online courses and live workshops in stage lighting practice and other topics.

Along with teaching in and out of the university environment, Rob has research interests in contemporary theatre production practice, lighting and the convergence of lighting and digital media and is looking for research collaborations, particularly across disciplines.  You can find out more at Academia.edu.