Do you have a hardware fetish?

The world of lighting control would seem to be very much about software right now.  Fans of different console platforms will argue over functionality and workflow as much as they’ll state that their favourite shiny console has the best screen tilt mechanism or power-up button.  That attention to hardware is still there, bubbling away.  On […]

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Parkinson and Pareto - Ways of the Lighting Jedi

Parkinson and Pareto – Ways of the Lighting Jedi

If you have never heard of the Pareto Principle or Parkinson’s Law, get ready for a potential re-framing of how you tackle lighting work from this point on.  On Stage Lighting uncovers a key secret ingredient to enlightenment through lampie-Jedi knowledge, and to improving your effectiveness as a lighting programmer.  Partly though using a concept […]

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