How easy is it to fix broken lighting equipment?

How easy it is to repair a moving light or a piece of LED lighting equipment right down to the level of components on the PCB? In the current difficult situation the entertainment industry finds itself in, cost savings have never been so important to venues and production companies.  Even before Covid-19 effectively shut down … Read more

Chauvet R2 Wash LED Replacement

In the third in a short series on modern moving light service and repair, particularly LED based fixtures, On Stage Lighting looks at a LED problem and the difficulties and a NSFW solution to changing an individual RGBW LED chip on the Chauvet Rogue R2 Wash.

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Chauvet R2 Wash – Repair and Maintenance

In the second part of this mini-series of articles on keeping LED stage lighting rigs on the road, On Stage Lighting looks at a typical moving LED wash fixture and considers common maintenance tasks and repair practices.

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LED Moving Lights Service and Repair – What keeps a rig working in 2019?

In the first of a mini-series of articles, On Stage Lighting looks at what it takes to keep a modern LED stage lighting rig working and the particular issues surrounding these ‘eco-friendly’ light sources.

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