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Articles, guide and tutorials on show control software QLab from Figure 53. QLab is a programmable show running software used in the professional performance industry to run recorded media such as audio and video plus to control other show critical systems such as lighting and other cues. QLab is relevant to us in stage lighting as it is commonly integrated into our control systems, allowing a single operator to run a complex show of lighting, sound and video cues using a Go button interface or Space bar.

QLab features programming and playback of audio files such as WAV and MP3, video files such as MPEG and MOV plus will control other show systems using MIDI, MIDI Show Control, OSC and Timecode. On Stage Lighting features a number of Qlab tutorials.


Do you have a hardware fetish?

The world of lighting control would seem to be very much about software right now.  Fans of different console platforms will argue over functionality and workflow as much as they’ll state that their favourite shiny console has the best screen tilt mechanism or power-up button.  That attention to hardware is still there, bubbling away.  On […]

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